Vision & Mission

Our core mission is to help young people to develop their relationship with God by providing them with a Christ-centered camping experience in a natural and nurturing environment.

Our priorities are:

  • To serve young people, with or without church or religious experience, living in Vermont and surrounding areas.
  • To insure a physically and emotionally safe environment for everyone under our care.
  • To maintain the lowest possible fee structure for the Bethany Birches Camping Experience.

Our Vision is simple – to continue building a community of love where no one is cast out. In this community, God’s reality is realized. Peace, love, justice, grace and compassion are central in our relationships. Life makes sense because the Creator of life is met and known. And what a wonderful Creator!

We envision a facility that enables relationships and communities to form. Our facility is natural, simple, and comfortable. Our vision includes program that is absolutely fun, educational and unique. In all we do, create and build, we point to God as Jesus did.

This video will give you a better sense of what we do.