Camp Shepherd

Bethany Birches Camp Volunteer Position Description

Position Description: This person spends the majority of their time during the week building relationships with campers and staff.  One of the primary foci of the week is to set a spiritual tone that is loving, compassionate and encouraging.  We hope you can encourage campers and staff alike to follow Jesus and recognize the love of God around them.

Requirements: You have given time to your own spiritual journey and understand at least part of God’s reality.  You are willing to let God use you in a setting like Bethany Birches Camp.


  • Familiarize yourself with the summer’s spiritual theme
  • Invite campers to begin thinking about the days’ theme through and object lesson, skit, story etc during morning worship
  • Sharing from your journey and experiences related to the theme in evening firesides
  • Participate in Fireside activities such as singing and skits
  • Spend time with campers and staff throughout the day as you feel led
  • Provide a brief summary of your points to parents and campers at parent fireside.


Some day, your creator will say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  You will have opportunity to speak into many youth’s lives including our staff.  No doubt, you will experience some renewal yourself.  Lots of good camp food and free lodging.

Of course, as a volunteer you may also engage in other activities that are energizing for you.

Contact Amber with questions – 802-672-5220 OR amber @