The 11th Annual Benefit Auction was a HUGE SUCCESS raising nearly $60,000 thanks to many faithful supporters and a match from Glenn and Diane Moyer.

Will you come and help make the 2014 auction a success and great time?  September 27, 2014.

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 Past Details (2013)

From this page, there are all sorts of cool things to visit.  For example you could:

Win a Snowmobile


You could check out the Mercedes that will be auctioned with NO RESERVE:

Learn About The Benz


You could let us know what you’d like to give to the auction. We’re always looking for good items.

Give Something to Auction


You can even bid online starting September 9

Bid Online

Reasons to come: you can win some great stuff, get some neat things, and most importantly support a small camp that is doing it’s best to change the world by helping young people develop their relationship with God… the one who transforms us and the world.

Other reasons to come if world-change isn’t enough:

  • Fresh-squeezed cider
  • Free lunch
  • Chance to win a snowmobile
  • Home-made doughnuts and potato chips
  • Bid while facing an incredible view complete with colorful leaves

Each year, the BBC Annual Benefit Auction helps pay for lots of kids to get to camp. All Proceeds go to help kids who can’t pay, get here.





killington snowmobile tours




Past Past Details (2012)

The 10th Annual Benefit Auction was not only a blast, it raised tons of cash!  Over $33,000.

Read the director’s response to the success of last year here.

List of items auctioned and last year’s sale prices here