You’ve heard of an Amazon Wish List? Well this is a pavi wish list. Won’t you take a look and see if you could buy some of these items for the camp?!
Buy Stuff – perhaps buy stuff is it’s own page and there’s a button on this page to that page… is that a Paypal form? Is it a list of things with a buy now button next to those items? Is it a check out cart situation? Just start listing stuff. Foundation coating. Stain. Etc. Etc.
From Seth:
material needs:

Can’t get here to help with the build, but still want to see your resources tie directly to a tangible piece of the PAVI? We have a place for you.
This page is designed to give you the opportunity to see the outstanding needs of the project, and partake in sourcing these materials. Just like the volunteer opportunity, no matter the gift, we can use it,

Box of nails: 75.00

gallon of. Vermont Natural Coating- 45.00

Lightbulb- 10.00

Etc. etc