Sojourner 2011, How have you changed?

Reflecting on this video I realize that it brings the summer full circle. One of the first videos I made this summer after interviewing staff was also “How have you changed?”. Now here I am 32 clips later having made a similar one out of the answers the teens gave this past week. Thinking back to my first week at BBC I don’t think I really comprehended the ways in which the staff were saying that they had changed because of this place (permalink). I don’t think I expected to be changed as much as I was this summer, I don’t think I expected to learn half as much as what I did or be as aware of it in order to live it out. And, I don’t think I expected these young people to inspire me so much with how they were learning and changing. I believe this is the result of trusting Him in gracious uncertainty:

“We are uncertain of the next step, but we are certain of God. As soon as we abandon ourselves to God  and do the task He has placed closest to us, He begins to fill our lives with surprises” -Oswald Chambers

It was an uncertain step that brought me to BBC and now that step has been leaving this home and family. I can’t say I’m AT camp anymore, but I can say I’m going to continue to experience different elements of it when I go back to school. That means sharing experiences and life (cooking together and sharing meals); doing activities that allow you to be child-like; sharing needs and offering our resources to meet those needs; sharing roses and thorns so that we can rejoice and mourn with each other; surrounding each other with love (not judging) to allow everyone to be valued as God’s creation; being vulnerable and honest; challenging each other in our beliefs; intentionally encouraging; letting go of what others think and living behind the curtain, in the most holy of places, by seeking his kingdom first in everything (and the list goes on). Camp is being in this state of abandon to God which results in unexpected transformation.

May we continue to live camp and live changed.