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  • 2015 Annual Report and Meeting

    2015 Annual Report and Meeting

    Greetings BBC Supporters: Each year in March, we have our Annual Association Meeting.  The Association is the formal ownership group of the camp (being a non-profit, there are no financial benefits to ownership).  FYI – anyone can join the association. It’s a fun evening; sharing a meal, hearing from the staff and board directors and…

  • Staff Sneak Peak: Introducing DAN as Interim Program Director

    Staff Sneak Peak: Introducing DAN as Interim Program Director

    For the first time in a decade someone other than Cheeks will hold the role of BBC Program Director. While Cheeks is learning how to take care of a newborn, Dan will be leading the BBC Summer Program. Both people are excited for the summer ahead of them. Read on to find out more about Dan…

  • BBC’s Year End Report (2013)

    BBC’s Year End Report (2013)

    This past Saturday night, we had our annual meeting at the First Congregational Church of Woodstock (thanks for that FCCW!). It was a good turnout as seen in the picture above. The agenda included reporting, visioning and a pot luck meal.  One thing we wanted to show but didn’t have time for was Robert’s fly…

  • Annual Association Meeting

    Annual Association Meeting

    It’s that time of year! When the Bethany Birches Association gathers here at camp.  In short, we work together, eat lunch and transact business.  This year, however, our business transacting will be cut short by two very important things: A “walk-through” of the pavilion we intend to build in 2014.  More on that later. Family Feud…