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  • Winter Camp: Cure for the Common Winter

    Winter Camp: Cure for the Common Winter

    At camp, we tend not to do commercials. We aren’t a commercial place and we try hard to remain rustic. We cook meals over the fire, use wood to heat buildings, use cast iron to cook food, light our way at night with gas lanterns and all sorts of other old-time stuff. This lack of…

  • Newsletter 2013: BBC TV

    Newsletter 2013: BBC TV

    For years the wonderful staff and campers at camp have been creating many videos (hundreds!).  A lot of those (less than two hundred) made their way to Youtube. It was such a shame to let them sit there, lonely and unwatched so we decided to create BBC TV.  There are currently four channels: Summer, Winter,…

  • Aglow Video 2: Power Greater Than Fire

    As you may know, we’ve been highlighting our summer theme with a few videos.  The first one is here.  This second one is about Monday’s theme. Aglow 2: Power Greater Than Fire  

  • Facebook Landing Page Video for Bethany Birches Camp

    Well this is just silly (the video, I mean). But it says something, right? This video (below) will be live on our Facebook Landing page this week. If you haven’t been to our page, you can see it here. You don’t even need to be a Facebook user. The goal of the video is to…

  • Aglow Overall

    This summer we’re exploring fire.  Our theme is actually called Aglow.  What does it teach us about our Creator? Tuna

  • Aglow: Summer 2011

    This summer we’re exploring Fire?. What does it teach us about our Creator?