Maintenance Manager Position Open

Bethany Birches Camp Job Description – this position is currently open!

Position: Manager of Maintenance

Job Type: Part-time, year-round

Description: To perform the general maintenance, repairs, upkeep of the Bethany Birches Camp facilities including building, grounds, motor vehicles and tools.  Tracking which tasks have been done and which are due is also part of this role.  This person may also be responsible to oversee some aspects of facility development (especially construction projects).

Job Tasks:

  • Coordinate and plan for volunteer workgroups and workdays
  • Coordinate and plan for capital improvement projects
  • Oversee contracted labor
  • Contact service personnel such as plumber, electrician, etc. when needed
  • Oversee and complete lawn mowing (volunteers can take care of most of this)
  • Purchase, within budget, needed supplies for maintenance and repair
  • Keep firewood stocked in all locations (volunteers can help greatly with this)
  • Keep all motors (tractor, mower, weed whacker, chain saws etc.) in proper condition performing regular maintenance according to the proper schedules
  • Maintain trails, low ropes course, pond features and other physical resources.
  • Help out in the summer as needed
  • Occasionally fill in for Executive or Program Directors to welcome rental groups
  • Help with cleaning in preparation for renters
  • Snow removal
  • Get facility read for programs (ice rink, winterization, etc. etc.)
  • Complete daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks
  • Give a report to the Executive Director each month (includes major and minor needs – present and future – what you’ve been working on and general satisfaction about work)
  • Complete projects and other work that comes up

Report to: Executive Director

Direct Reports: Seasonal maintenance staff & volunteers

Starting Compensation:

$11.50 – $13.50/hour commensurate with experience

Number of hours being offered:

  • Minimum: 480 hours or 60 days per year
  • Maximum as of now: 600 hours or 75 days per year

Final compensation and hours will be worked out depending on applicant

You may purchase health care through Bethany Birches.  You may use salary to pay for health care.  This position has lots of room for growth.


Hours can be adjusted seasonally.  A minimum of 1 day per week during spring, summer and fall is necessary.  Additional days could be worked in preparation for summer.  Winter projects are typically flexible.  During winter months, three days/month will be necessary.  Ideally this time would be spread across projects and snow removal and snow camp preparations.

Apply by downloading the application and sending to Brandon at Bethany Birches.