Seeing God with Emily

I was so excited to have Emily in my interest group week 2 as she is one of the campers whose passion for photography as a means to display the beauty of camp inspired me to make it a possibility to use a camera for the entire week, instead of one interest group. I was blown away by the questions she wanted to ask the staff, mainly about their walk with God. She could have asked to video anything else, fun activities, lighter, easier prompts to approach someone with. Yet God centered questions were more important to her. She wanted to have a way to remember the stories her counselors tell her every year about how God works in their life because her own faith has been encouraged by their testimony. She boldly, and often without my assistance, approached nearly every staff member and asked them tough questions on the spot. I think this is one example of how I’ve been seeing the face of God this summer –through campers that are desiring the things of God, things of eternal value over the things of this world. That’s pretty inside out.