Wet N Wild Thursday with Riley

Our first Wet and Wild day of the summer unfortunately had to be postposed to the unnatural day of Thursday due to some dreary weather on Wednesday. Riley had expressed to me almost immediately upon our first meeting that he wanted to be responsible for covering the WWW festivities. Although the delay made it difficult for me to be present as Thursday is my editing day I was blessed with some videoing assistance from Big Tuna and one dedicated Riley who faithfully wore the GOPRO, our waterproof head camera, throughout the day to capture some visual excitement from the best perspective– the middle of the action. I then threw this segment together, combing the view point of the observer with that of the participant to summarize the day in an all-encompassing display. I think this action-packed segment testifies to the day perhaps better than any amount of words could express. It is many campers favorite time of the week and I think Riley’s excitement to share this day with others through video is evident and speaks for many campers like himself.