Fall Newsletter: What’s up with the Pavilion Project?

We are fortunate to be operating completely out of the new pavilion!  We gained occupancy to the entire building June 2016. We had partial occupancy June 2015.  We are focused on finishing this project!  That includes finishing moving in, some additional fundraising and completion of a few items.

Moving in is the easy part!  Total cash needs to finish the project and pay down outstanding debt is $249,500.  $116,000 of this is debt on which we are paying interest. We are working to get rid of this debt (you could make a contribution now… or buy a session of camp for your child for Christmas)!  The remaining $133,500 is to finish aspects of the project.  Those aspects include kitchen equipment, climbing wall/high ropes, wood boiler, finishes (paint, sealing floor etc).  Find the detailed list and estimated costs at the bottom of this post.

To date we have spent a little over $1,800,000 on the building including the loans referenced above, some in-kind gifts of materials and almost 7,000 volunteer hours. We expect to complete the project and all its components as time and money allow.  We expect to finish paying down debt by end of calendar year 2017.  And we expect many great uses of the building from now on!  The building has served campers for two summer camp seasons and this winter will be the second winter camp season hosted in the new building.  There have been 5 weddings and many other group uses already in the short time the building has existed.  If you would like to give to help finish this project, PLEASE let me know.

Brandon “Tuna” Bergey,

Executive Director

brandon @ bethanybirches.org