Join Me in Welcoming Anna “Meatball” Martin to year-round service at BBC

I love shoes and clothes that fit well. It often takes me a little time to find garments that fit just right. Sometimes a garment or shoe is close and just needs a little bit of adjustment to get to that ideal fit. In some ways building our staff team here at camp is similar. When Meatball (aka Anna) finished up her first summer, I encouraged her to come back for another round, starting with the following winter because as far as I could tell, she fit really well. She came back that winter and then again the next summer. After each season ended, I encouraged her to come back. She identifies with our core values, our mission, and is able to do good work here. So naturally, when the role of Program Director became available, I encouraged her to apply. I am delighted to say that she has accepted that role permanently and I look forward to strengthening our efforts to serve youngsters who need an important camp experience. I believe she is a great fit for Bethany Birches! Join me in welcoming her. Here she shares a bit about her process of coming to accept the role

~ Brandon

As a college student, I searched for a camp to counsel at that would place a large importance on relationships and also push me out of my comfort zone. The first time I volunteered at a BBC winter camp I felt a sense of belonging and immediately knew I wanted to serve as a counselor. My two years of counseling instilled in me a deep sense of purpose and growth. I always felt supported and encouraged even on the days when my campers would wake me up four times in the middle of the night. When I finished my second year of counseling I felt drawn to helping create the environment that I felt so uplifted by. While my transition to Program Director took a few extra steps, and was fairly unconventional I am thankful for all of it. I have been so blessed by the staff who have spent their summers at camp, and so excited to see familiar faces as campers arrive each week at camp. As I was discerning whether to take on the role of Program Director, I was constantly reminded that working at BBC means you are a part of something greater than yourself. It’s not just the fun activities, spending time with kids, the mud pit, or working outdoors that draws me here; although those are huge perks. I have yet to find a place that balances progress and support as well as BBC. I know it will not be easy and there will be difficult campers and long tiring days, but I also know that I will grow. It always excites me to have a new camper, staff member, or volunteer come to camp because they get to be a part of a place that is unique in its unwavering dedication to having people feel known. I am overjoyed to spend the coming years working to help others experience the camp I love so dearly.

~ Anna “Meatball” Martin, Program Director