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  • BBC Newspaper- Rouke

    Every week at camp there is a newspaper interest group. Campers get to interview staff, spy around camp, and write stories. These reports then get turned into articles which they type up for the newspaper that gets distributed at the end of the week. This year we decided it would be fun to share some of…

  • Voyager Nature Art

    Another fun week with wild wednesday interest groups dedicated just to nature. Here are the outcomes of nature art!

  • Nature Art

    Pepper here! This summer I have come to camp as myself, what I mean is that I came to camp just to be a fine art illustrator  (I’m heading into my senior year at art school) and share that in different ways at camp. One of those ways has been leading drawing and painting interest…

  • Snapshot of Summer and “How does Camp help others?”

    Snapshot of Summer and “How does Camp help others?”

    This is my final post for the summer. It’s hard to believe it has already come to an end. Once again I have so many reasons to be thankful and praise God. It’s been good to have some time to reflect and I think what stands out to me most about this summer more than…

  • Testimonies


    This summer I learned the about the power of stories or testimonies as in a profession of how God has been experienced in someone’s life. Just looking at the bible, it is clear the power stories have had in testifying to who God is and by reading other people’s experiences with God our own conception…

  • A Taste of Sojourner

    A Taste of Sojourner

    Teen week ran a little differently as there was no interest groups or any time I could teach campers or intentionally involve them in  the video process. However, there was still a lot of interest in helping me film. I had a t least 5 different guys and girls assit me throughout the week. Two…

  • White Water Rafting Trip

    Here is one of the trips that the teens went on this week!

  • Learning about Jesus

    Learning about Jesus

    I am continually encouraged by the ways the campers are learning about Jesus and everything that is spoken through this verse,”You’re blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.” -Matthew 5:8  

  • Group Games

    Group Games

    We’ve been playing some pretty awesome group games this summer up on the ball field. Here are a few favorites that were played during Voyager. The last one you will see in this clip is Iron Man tag– a completely original BBC game invented by our very own Sparkles and Cha Cha. The best part…

  • Why Video?

    Why Video?

    I took some time this week to thoroughly interviews my assistants about why they were excited to be in the video interest group and what they hoped to share with their viewers. I think the consensus was that they don’t get a lot of opportunities to use a video camera so this was a unique…