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  • Covid-19 update

    Covid-19 update

    Greetings friends! Summer camp is so close and the weather proves it!  The Pandemic is over in this country and the disease Covid-19 remains.  There are varying viewpoints and opinions on how to behave at this time so we wanted to lay out our basic expectations for the summer 2022 season, as of June 7,…

  • Winter Camp Update (02/09/2021)

    Winter Camp Update (02/09/2021)

    Dear Camper Parents, I write to you with breaking news that is hard for me to share: we just learned that the Health Department made new policy and will not allow our resident camp program this winter.  This news is hours old at time of writing this post. How did we get here? I consulted…

  • Registration Open!

    Registration Open!

    Dear Camp Friends, The moment has come!  We have done all we need to do to re-situate people and reopen registration.  Thanks for bearing with us!  So go ahead and grab your spot while you can. I encourage you to register and pay as soon as possible for your best chance at reserving a session for…

  • Updated Summer 2020 Schedule Announced

    Updated Summer 2020 Schedule Announced

    I write this with reserved excitement.  It is exciting to offer resident camp in the context of the pandemic.  It is also going to be a special challenge for all involved.  Our primary goals are to create a distanced, safe, outdoor oriented program with special considerations for the Covid-19 crisis and to give children and teens…

  • Camp to start July 6 – Coronavirus update 3

    Camp to start July 6 – Coronavirus update 3

    Dear Camp Friends, We know a lot more than we did last week!  Governor’s restart team gave the go ahead one week ago and our board of directors gave the go ahead on Wednesday night of this past week.  Working with our camp doctor and leadership team, we continue to create a modified way of doing…

  • Summer 2020 Coronavirus Plans Part 2

    Summer 2020 Coronavirus Plans Part 2

    Greetings Friends.  I shared a week ago via email (part 1) that we expected to run some sort of on-site program and that it was not clear what all would be included.  I will continue to report our progress and plans on a weekly basis. We received guidance from the Governor’s team Friday at noon…

  • BBC Easter Program Live Stream

    BBC Easter Program Live Stream

    Greetings Camp Friends (Reading this after Easter Sunday?  The links below will still take you to the video.  Enjoy anytime!) He is risen?!  He is risen indeed!  You may or may not be familiar with this Easter call and response phrase.  We say it together on Easter Sunday.  Someone says he is risen and someone replies that…

  • Office closed to visitors. Please get in touch virtually.

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Bethany Birches office closed to the public.  Email, call, social media.  We are still working toward summer and beyond!   Please email or call 802-672-5220 and we would love to connect.  The camp’s website and blog and social media will remain updated regarding summer plans.  We are currently considering which versions of summer camp may be…

  • Why you should sign up now for summer camp 2020

    Why you should sign up now for summer camp 2020

    Dear Bethany Birches Parents: The staff are busy preparing for the 2020 summer camp season at Bethany Birches! We realize that these are uncertain times and there may not even be a 2020 summer camp season.  However, we will continue preparing as though there will be summer camp.  Feel confident in signing up for summer…