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  • Houses, Pavilions, Cabins, Oh My!

    Houses, Pavilions, Cabins, Oh My!

    Above: Lynx snow-campers enjoying the cabin before we got the bad news. What great fun a weekend of camp in the winter can be! ————————– When I (Brandon) started at Bethany Birches in 2004 there was a Director’s Residence in the works.  By the spring of 2005 I was living in that residence.  Shortly after…

  • Cabin Update

    “Hi, could I talk with the owner?”  It’s early on a Tuesday morning in March.  I respond, “Uhh, our ownership is comprised of about 60 households… I’m not sure how you could easily reach them all.”  So the voice on the other line responds: “Well, this is Jay with the state department of public safety…

  • Board Report: Naomi Mast Moyer

    Board Report: Naomi Mast Moyer

    Above: Winter Family Fun Day was great, well.. FUN! My vision for BBC includes this sacred space being a place for all children to become their potential through building healthy relationships with other children that are culturally different from themselves, developing a deeper relationship with their Creator, and recognizing possibilities in themselves that remain untapped. …

  • Will You Help A Kid Get To Camp This Summer?

     If you make a gift of $400 a camper who literally could not come to camp through any other means will get to come.  Even if you can only give $10, give it! 40 people giving $10 each will send a camper.  You’ll receive a letter from a camper who got to come to camp…

  • Exploring Jesus Through the Theme: Inside Out

    Exploring Jesus Through the Theme: Inside Out

    The sky is the limit. The possibilities are endless. With 100 acres of wilderness and a week’s time the options for activities, discussion, events and experiences at camp are endless. The limitless options can sometimes make planning a summer camp program overwhelming! How does one choose what to do, what to talk about and what…

  • Special Invitation

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