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  • Construction Update – Week of June 8

    This week has been stressful! We had an electrical inspection on Monday (passed). Building inspection on Tuesday (allowed access to a couple areas). We are still needing a visit from the health department.  And, on top of that, staff are showing up.  In fact, summer staff orientation starts on Saturday! In the building lots of…

  • Construction Update – week of May 23:

    Construction Update – week of May 23:

    It’s been a busy week at BBC! The work didn’t take a Memorial Day Holiday – instead Dale Snader of Dale’s Homes led a group from Taftsville Mennonite Chapel to rake and seed the property. Grass is already starting to grow. Another electrical crew from PA arrived to make sure we have lights, electric and…

  • Pavi Construction Update Week of Mar. 2:

    Pavi Construction Update Week of Mar. 2:

    Weather is getting better!  Today (tues.) being town meeting day meant very few people on site. Happy Birthday to Jerry (of Jenne construction) and a big thanks to Rich Landis and Nanuk for putting a full day in today. This week brings more heating system work, framing the mudroom, blocking in the walls and the…